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Which emotion drives you?

It is has been more than 4 years since I took a deep dive into understanding how emotions impact our lives. And every single time I get into a classroom I keep learning more and more new things on how emotions play a vital role in our day to day life, in our relationships, in one’s career success and most importantly in the journey towards joy and freedom.

The emotions are our guiding light. Just like how a light house is there to guide the ships lost at sea and are looking for directions, similarly emotions are a guiding light for people to cross check, verify and correct their course. Only challenge being, instead of looking outside for a light house, they need to look within. The constant distractions that is happening around us, the gadgets, daily commitments, TV shows and many more does not allow us to look within and see the real us. We sometimes get into a trap , a trap where we forget the time, the directions, the purpose and just get unconsciously driven towards zones that we don’t want to. If we don’t wake up quick enough, the trap might even lead you to depression.

It is time for us to correct ourselves constantly and put ourselves on course towards our destiny and emotions play the pivotal role of checking whether we are doing the right things, we are taking the right actions towards our goals and dreams. Because emotions immediately indicates whether you are taking right/correct actions, right actions will make feel happy and when you take the wrong actions you may go through grief, worry or guilt.

In this journey, similar to a car journey we need to constantly switch gears. Many people try to travel the entire path using just the 1st gear and they might end up spoiling the car as well as make the journey terrible for the passenger. We all have certain emotions that we go through constantly. Can you check at the below list of emotions and think aloud of what emotion drives you most of the time.

Boredom, Pessimism, Frustration, Being Overwhelmed, Disappointment, Doubt, Worry

Blame, Discouragement, Anger, Revenge, Hatred / Rage, Jealousy, Insecurity / Guilt

Unworthy, Victimised, Grief / Depression

I want you to look at the emotion or emotions that you go through on a regular basis. I have noticed over the years in the training that there are people who constantly or majority of the times live in a state of Doubt, Fear, Anger, Worry or any of the other emotions listed above. This is an indication from your system informing you that you are not travelling in the right direction.

The purpose of life is to live with Joy, anything that takes you away from it is not worth it. But to understand it and notice where you are and take steps towards the right direction requires awareness – Emotional Awareness. God has given a beautiful inbuilt compass which helps to guide you whether you are in the right path towards your destiny or not and that compass are your EMOTIONS.

Become aware of what emotion drives you, if you are driven by positive emotions- great keep at it, if not become aware and start taking action to move towards them.

If there is an emotion or set of emotions that is troubling you, observe the emotions and observe the root. See the instances and from when did it start, since when did you start feeling the emotions as long as you can remember. Most of the time with awareness you can start dissolving the emotions, for most you might need deeper work on yourself. You can read the Self Healing Techniques mentioned in my book “The Power of Emotions” to start healing yourself from the negative emotions and situations.

Keep reading my articles and seeing my videos or attend my workshops to help you on the journey towards your goal of leading a joyful, loving and fulfilling life.

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Ganesh Kumar S
EQ Ignitor | Emotional Intelligence Trainer | Entrepreneur | Life Coach | Author

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