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Manager - Employee Relatiionship

Manager – Employee Relationship

A manager plays a crucial role in an employee-boss relationship. Even though the onus is on both sides to strengthen the relationship we are going to be talking about the role of a manager in this article. 

We all heard the term that an employee leaves the manager and not the company. Yes, for an employee the culture of his company is the culture his manager has. Since his work is so much influenced by his immediate manager, it has a huge influence on his professional and personal success / failure.

Here are some ways for a manager to make a difference in his relationship with an employee

Manager Should be a Role Model

For every employee his manger is his role model, so everything you do, say, has an influence on the employee. If he finds that you are saying something and doing something else they will lose the respect they have for you. They derive examples from you even without you having to teach them. The decision style you have, the punctuality you follow, the tonality of your conversations, they way you dress everything is being observed by them consciously and unconsciously and they tend to take you as a role model. You cannot expect something drastically different from the behaviour you are exhibiting to them. 

Manager should be accessible

I agree that your work requires you to spend so much time on your tasks that it becomes difficult to be available for your employees at all times. Some managers go about running jobs with basic communication and no meetings for months or quarters together. This is not how you can build winning teams. You need to create schedules in your job to meet them on regular basis. The best practice would be to have a stand up meeting of 10-15 minutes everyday, ask people wether they are on track- yes or no? If yes superb, ignore no for one day. But if the employee regularly comes up with a ‘No’ then you surely know he needs your help. Also use this time to check if they need help from you. In addition, conduct at least one one-hour meeting a week to share in detail the job, success stories, the plan, action plan and get alignment from the entire team.

Manager should communicate openly

Managers try to hold information back, they tend to believe that information is power. I believe open communication, being frank and building trust is power. For trust to be there, the essence is open communication. The future growth plans for the team, projects in pipeline, the challenges which will be there, when the policy is going to come, etc will help the employee to connect with you genuinely. This will help you to take right decisions and they will have high respect for you.

Bonding with team member

There should be bonding both inside and outside office. Find out ways the team can meet on a regular basis and discuss not only business but also about personal relationships, family and beyond. A manager should be so connected that he should know the aspirations of his team members. Many managers avoid any discussion outside office. When you do not know what’s happening in the personal life of your employee, how can you motivate or pacify them when there is a problem. You are not expected to solve their personal problems but be aware. I used to arrange some contest for my team with my personal money, get the team together at the beach or a fun gaming arena and get them to play. They open up, spend time together, connect and I get to know them personally. This helped to build a strong team who were ready to take up any challenge. 


Find the right employee and empower them. If you are not finding time to complete your job and engage with your employees, it is because you have not empowered them or given them more responsibility. It simply means you are taking all the burden in your hands and that is causing a lot of strain in the team. Find the right employee, train them and then empower them. Giving responsibility to an employee without taking his commitment or training him is not empowerment. 

Communicate your requirement 

Manager expects the employee to understand his requirement with minimal communication or without communication at all. In this information overload era there are immense possibilities for miscommunication. People are overloaded with data that the employee can assume what you said in a completely different manner. Also communicate clearly what you want and get feedback whether they have received the information correctly or not. This helps a long way in your relationship. 


As managers we want our employees to look at things from our perspective. Understand how much struggle we are going through in our life. How challenging it is to run a team. My request to you is to do the same to your employee as well. Understand situations genuinely from their perspective and support them. Always be on your toes , be aware of how happy the employees feel working under you and work constantly in improving your relationship with them.


Source of motivation

A manager should be a source of energy. Every time I meet my manager I can either feel motivated and energised to do more or feel totally dejected and wish to quit the job. Each employees motivation are different such as a long term career, salary hike, learning, being in a supportive environment. The manager needs to sense the need and deliver accordingly. For an employee who is more focused on relationship, just a 10-15 minute conversation about his favourite sport can motivate him to feel connected and he will work harder- you needn’t pester him to work,. Do not use the same strategy for all employees.

Play multiple roles

A manager has to play multiples roles, a manager, a father, a mother, a friend, a well wisher, a task master, etc. Be aware of what the situation demands and play accordingly instead of being the same person all the time. 


Last and most important is to leave the ego out of the relationship. Attitude such as “I am the boss and you should listen to what I have to say!” “I have more experience than you so don’t try to teach me.” “I know what’s best for the team”, etc. can influence not only the employee but the entire team to be demotivated. They will not connect with you and you will not be able to get the result you want. Treat every single person equally. All of you are working together to achieve a collective goal, without their performance and inputs you will not be able to achieve what you want. EGO is also said as Edging God Out. So connect with the spirit in you and your employee and together build a strong team.

All the best for a wonderful relationship with your team. Do let me know your feedback.

Ganesh Kumar S
EQ Ignitor | Emotional Intelligence Trainer | Entrepreneur | Life Coach | Author

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