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Beauty in you

I see the beauty in you

It is my recent inspiration from the book “ The Power of Intention” by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

How can we not see the beauty in the things happening around us? Everyday we come across many people and situations, not all of it or most of it happens the way you wanted it to happen. Therefore we see a lot of pain, frustration, anger, etc and it makes the scenario even worse than it actually is.

In the book the author shares an example of Victor Frankl who is a holocaust survivor from the Nazi camp of WWII. Food given to Victor Frankl, during his prison time, was of poor standards. He said many a times it was a bowl of filthy water with a fish head floating in it. He trained himself to see the beauty in the meal, rather than focus on the horror of it. He attributed his ability to see beauty anywhere as a factor in surviving those horrific camps.

There are many people who enter our lives, some of them we love and some of them we hate. Let’s understand the real truth that there is some part in us that we love which we see in the other person too. There is a part in us we hate which we see as a reflection in the other person. The moment we start appreciating the beauty in our self, instead of finding fault like “ I am fat”, “ I could have been fairer”, my communication is worse”, “ I am useless”, then we automatically start seeing the beauty in others.

It is not just people, every situation (for eg. bus missed), relationship, mood swings or a scenario (raining hard)- all of these needs to be seen with the beauty of your soul. This will lead to a wonderful life that we shall cherish every single day, hour and moment.

So, the request to you my friend is to start seeing the beauty in everything around you. Why don’t you start with yourself today?

Ganesh Kumar S
EQ Ignitor | Emotional Intelligence Trainer | Entrepreneur | Life Coach | Author

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