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How to let go of negative emotions?

We had spoken about how each one of us have a pain body in the last blog. In case you missed it please do read it. Are you aware that your have a pain body?

All health and mental problems we go through in the long run is because of not letting go of our emotions. When we have unprocessed emotions packed up inside, it creates so much stress. These pent up emotions can lead to all types of health issues and mental problems, challenges in relationships, lack of clarity in goals and direction, confusion on choices that you make, etc. Now, just like the way we brush everyday, bathe everyday to remove the dirt or toxic that we generate, we need to constantly remove the toxin generated by our unprocessed emotions. So I am going to share with you 5 easy ways to let go of unprocessed emotions in this and the upcoming article.

5 techniques to release your negative pent-up emotions.

1.Writing: When you have anger or frustration or negative emotions against someone and you have not expressed it, you have been holding on to it for a long time- it leads to a lot of stress. It might be difficult to share it directly to the person because they are senior/older or someone who wouldn’t hear you out. However irrespective of whether they have received you or not , the question is whether you have released these emotions. This is where most people get caught up, instead of focusing on their release they are more focused on informing or hurting the other person. This would be with the intention to convey how they have suffered through the situation. So writing is a good way of releasing your emotions without having to say or share anything to anyone.

Process: All you need to do is find a place where you will not be disturbed by anyone or anything. Choose a calm and relaxing environment. Ensure that your mobile phone and other gadgets are switched off and there aren’t any disturbances. You could choose to have a relaxing/ meditative music running at the back to help you through the process, though it is not a must. Take a piece of paper and start writing what the incident was, what happened and what was the challenge. Write how you felt then, how you feel about it now, and how did the person make you feel then, how is the person making you feel now. Just write without bothering about grammar or sentence formation, the focus is only on letting it go.

By doing this process it helps to bring complete awareness to the situation. You are facing the emotion rather than running away from it and it thereby helps you to let go of the pain it had caused you.

Sometimes writing it just once will release you of the pain, sometimes you may need to do it a couple of times. Each time you do it, you will see the intensity of how it has affected getting lower and lower. It is a good sign. You can follow it up with other techniques if you want. You can also choose to give the letter to the person whom you wrote it to, so it an oppurtunity for them to know how you felt and in many instances it only helps in building your relationship to the next level.

Try it and let me know.

2. Meditation: Mediation has many benefits, one of the process it does is- it calms the mind and therefore it allows you to see the situation much more clearly and in a relaxed manner rather than getting agitated with it. Reflecting on an incident normally and reflecting on a incident after doing meditation gives a very different perspective because the triggering emotions are not so effective. You might have the capacity to look at the moment which has caused you pain and still not be affected much by it. We never learn from experiences, we learn from reflecting on our experiences. Meditation helps you do the reflection in a relaxed manner.

Process: Find a calm environment where you will not be disturbed. We suggest you to use our guided relaxation and mediative exercise to calm your mind. You can download it for free from EQ Universe Relaxation and Meditation Tool. Once the relaxation is complete, slowly recollect the incident without you being directly involved in the situation- replay the scenario in your minds as though it is happening in a movie. You are just watching the movie where you are seeing yourself as the third person going through the struggle and emotional disturbance. We call it as disassociation in NLP ( Neuro Lingustic Programming). Doing this again and again for a few times will remove and release the emotion from you.

We shall see the balance three steps in the next blog 🙂

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Ganesh Kumar S
EQ Ignitor | Emotional Intelligence Trainer | Entrepreneur | Life Coach | Author

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