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Are you fully responsible for your life?

Are you the person who put’s a lot of effort but still ends up getting very poor results? Your family, colleagues, boss and everybody around you pulls you down and doesn’t support you in getting what you want? You feel every step and action you take, something or the other stops you from reaching the place you want? You deserve more but feel their is some force which is stopping you from achieving the results that you want?

Would you believe if I told you every single thing that is happening in your life is something that you are attracting into your life? Whether it is good or bad, whether you learn something or you help someone learn a lesson you are unconsciously, sometimes consciously attracting these situations, people and experiences in your life. You are attracting them because you are affected by it, or spending more time thinking about it,  therefore more of it is happening to you. 

If you are a person who focuses on problems, the universe says “Thathaasthu” which means SO BE IT. Let say you don’t like people driving with high beam in the night and get really angry at the sight of it. You are driving on the road , what do you see? “Thathaasthu”. A guy with high beam right on your face. An angry boss, irritating neighbour, frustrating traffic, all are something which we are attracting into our lives. 

Do you believe me? Why don’t you become more aware and conscious of the things that you are going through and analyse why they are happening to you? Everything is happening to you for a reason. Sometimes we understand the reason immediately, sometimes it takes few months or years. 

The same way we attract negative situations in our life, we can also attract positive situations in our life. Negative is something that normally is easier to attract than positive, but it is a just a habit. We have to develop the habit of inviting/attracting positive things into our life. And the universe will support in helping you to achieve whatever you want out of life. So you are 100% responsible for the life you are living now and the life you want in your future. It is only you and you only.

So what are you sowing today? 

Ganesh Kumar S
EQ Ignitor | Emotional Intelligence Trainer | Entrepreneur | Life Coach | Author

3 responses to “Are you fully responsible for your life?”

  1. Pallavi says:

    Hi, please keep me updated with your newsletters, programs and anything which is related to personal development!

    Thanks. So be it!

  2. Nikita Aswani says:

    A simple yet powerful perspective of life. The power of positive thinking truly is an art that needs cultivating. Your blog reminded me of what I forgot, how to think positive to feel positive and get positive results. Thank you for the blog.

  3. Nikita Aswani says:

    Nice blog to remind me of the power of positive thinking. Truly an amazing perspective.

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