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Are you aware that you have a pain body?

Have you seen a child suddenly behaving differently when not in the right mood or gets disappointed easily. The child starts shouting, getting angry, throws tantrums, it is usually because of the pain body inside. All of us have two bodies in us- one is the love body and the other is pain body.

All of us are born with Love Body, as we grow older based on the various experiences we have in our life the pain body starts accumulating in us. When we see our parents fight or watch aggressive programs on the idiot box (Television) or experience any negative feelings, pain gets added to our cells if we do not process them or let go of the emotions appropriately. The pain body keeps on accumulating as long as you do not have any awareness of what is happening within you. Others might be able to see the difference and might wonder what’s wrong, but you will not be able to find or understand why you are doing what you are doing. It is mainly because of lack of awareness towards your own emotions. Emotions is like a mirror that reflects exactly how your life is to you. If you are doing great- you feel happy, excited, satisfied, fulfilled and when things are not so great- you feel sad, disappointed, lost or worried. Since people have a tendency to ignore their emotions and pretend as though nothing is happening in their lives, that is where the real problem is. Is there anybody without a problem in life ?- No, every one goes through problems. Only difference is there are few people who are willing to face their problems and work hard to overcome them. They are the ones that succeed in life. The ones who don’t confront them, keep losing and facing these problems all the time until they pass the test. They way I see life is that the problems comes to us because we have the capacity to solve them, by solving them we evolve on the plane of life and then we will face bigger challenges. Life is always preparing us, getting us ready for our purpose in life.

So as we grow, or in order for us to grow to the next level we need to shed our pain body. We need to let go of the negative emotions we have stored. For this to happen there are many ways to do it. The first and foremost step is being aware that you have something called a pain body. Congratulations! You have achieved the first step by reading this blog. The second step is to bring awareness and get to know whenever your pain body is becoming active. The beauty is just by bringing awareness to your pain body it tends to dissolve itself. Yes awareness has the power to dissolve the pain. When you react a particular way to a situation and every time the situation invokes pain, there is a pattern. You just have to reflect on when the first instance happened in your life. When did you start reacting this negatively, when did you first feel the negative emotion and that by itself changes the pattern and the pain body no longer gets evoked.

Whenever I have to travel, I get a little panicked. I would check the tickets multiple times, reach the station or the airport, sometimes, hours before the departure time. I would find it very difficult to not get stressed even though every thing was meticulously planned. This tension that I go through disturbs my peace of mind and my family’s. So now, when I realised I behave different when I have this body- I reflected within myself as to when did I start behaving this way or what incident in my life has started causing this. When I did that I understood in my first job I was posted in Mangalore and getting a leave was almost impossible. After a lot of challenge when I got leave I missed the train to my hometown because I was careless. I felt so bad that day and got so wild at myself. After this incident had happened, every time I had to travel I get into the same panic of missing the train or flight. Though I have brought in awareness, every time I travel my pain body starts to show- I consciously build a process and few systems to eradicate the tension and I am much more at peace when I am travelling theses days.

So bringing in awareness and then assessing when it started, why it is repeating and acknowledging it is happening only to help you itself can release the pain body in many instances. In the coming blog I will share what are the other simple techniques you can follow to let go of pain body.

Look forward to hear your comments, feedback or questions about the blog. Do share it as it might make a huge difference in parents’ life.

Ganesh Kumar S
EQ Ignitor | Emotional Intelligence Trainer | Entrepreneur | Life Coach | Author

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